How We Rate Products

Information overload and excessive marketing make choosing the right cat products for your feline babies a troublesome and confusing process. 

To make things easier for you, here at Love Cat Better, we review cat products regularly, including cat food, cat litter, and other cat supplies, aiming to help you make informed decisions.

Cats give back our love 10-fold, so their happiness and health are crucial to every cat owner. That is why we hold high standards when making recommendations.

Our Review Process

Here is every fact we check before featuring any cat products on our site.

Authority Guidelines

Just like human food, pet food is one of the most regulated foods to ensure the safety of your cats. Before recommending any food brands, we will look to the advice of authoritative organizations:

FDA: Food and Drug Administration
FDA regulates pet food and treats, has federal labeling requirements, and also lists pet food recalls in the United States.

AAFCO: Association of American Feed Control Officials
AAFCO is a private organization consisting of members from state or federal governments, which sets nutrient standards and defines ingredients of pet food. 

PFI: Pet Food Institute
PFI stands as the voice of U.S. pet food and treat makers, which provides factual information about the safety of pet food and treats.

USDA: United States Department of Agriculture
Raw pet food manufacturers are under USDA inspection and jurisdiction.

Customer Reviews

We understand and value the importance of the reviews of real-life consumers, which reflect a brand’s product quality. When reviewing cat products, we make sure to scour positive and negative reviews on major e-commerce sites like Chewy and Amazon and read feedback on online forums and communities.

Recall History

The recall history reflects the product quality issue of a brand and the company’s attitude towards the incident shows their responsibility, which are important factors to consider before purchasing. 

So before recommending a product or a brand, we would dig deeper into a brand’s history and assess the risks for you. Here’s what we look into:

  • FDA warnings or recalls
  • Voluntary recall history
  • Brand name changes

Ingredients Analysis

The proportion of high-quality ingredients determines whether the cat food is a balanced diet for your feline friends. For the best-rated cat food, We expect a surplus of high-quality meat along with a minimal amount of fillers and no or less harmful additives when compared to others.

We also cover food recommendations for different cat breeds, health issues, and food types to make sure cat parents can always find useful information no matter the situation. 

Most importantly, we never publish ANY of our reviews without consulting vets and asking for their suggestions first. We are here to help you make wise purchasing decisions and keep your cats healthy.


Price is an essential factor to consider when purchasing anything, and cat products are no different. To help cat owners make informed decisions, we compare brands at the same price level. 

We also try to cover cat food and other products of different budgets, so you can buy the best product for your cats without exceeding your target.

Other Factors

For cat litter, litter box, and other supplies such as water fountain, we review them in but not limited to the following aspects  as well:

  • Size: Whether they suit a large house or a small apartment.
  • Enjoyment: Whether our test cats use them or play with them frequently.
  • Safety: Any cat products should never put your cats at risk.
  • Cleaning: Cat supplies should be easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about bacteria over time.