About Us

Our Story with Cats

Hi, my name is Rainie. Unlike those growing up with cats, I only got bitten by a kitten who accidentally went under my sheet, so I never thought I would have a cat myself. 

However, Mimi came into my life. While I was at the bottom of my life eight years ago, I ran into my little fellow whose left back leg was injured. Being hungry and in pain, she was crying for help. 

I decided to take her to the hospital at midnight and brought her home afterward to care for her. Half a month later, Mimi could walk on her injured leg again.

She was so weak and thin. And I was so unprepared and only had a cloth bag to carry her home from the hospital

During this period, we became more connected with each other. She trusted me to treat her wound even though that hurt. And I enjoyed her cuddling every time I finished her dressing changes.

She made me feel loved. She could recognize my footsteps, she waited for me near the door, and she hugged me when I got back from work. We would spend time playing with each other on the rooftop of my building, in case she missed the outdoor environment.

Mimi sat on me
Mimi sat on my legs when we had fun on the rooftop.

However, the good time didn’t last long. Mimi went missing when my friend fed her for me while I was on my business trip. 

It was two years later that I finally dared to adopt cats again. I promised myself that I would take better care of my cats this time. Luckily, Tata and Ham are still happily together with me. 

my cats sleep together
Ham and Tata are inseparable. Tata loves her big brother and always sleeps on him.

Being a cat owner, I turned to Google a lot to find information such as cat food, cat behaviors, and cat care. Some information on the Internet is not valuable or even misleading, however, so I decided to start my blog – Love Cat Better

Our feline friends deserve to be loved in a better and more scientific way.

Our Editorial Process

I started this blog to help cat owners including myself to understand our cats better and find good product options for them. So we never use AI to generate content but stick to the old-fashioned human-writing. 

  • We choose the topics through Google and keyword research tools.
  • We conduct comprehensive research through Google, online communities (such as Reddit and Facebook Group), Social Media (e.g. YouTube and Pinterest), and real-life experiences. 
  • We then generate outlines and the whole articles. For any health-related articles, we will also consult qualified veterinarians to review the articles before publishing.
  • We would keep articles updated with the latest information.

We would also love to hear from our readers with their tips and advice to help us make our content stand out from others. Just contact us through feedback@lovecatbetter.com. 

We joined affiliate marketing to support this site, however, this doesn’t influence our product recommendations. Find out how we rate cat products here.

Note: Even though we ensure that the health-related advice and tips given in Love Cat Better are evidence-based and veterinary-consulted, our blog is NOT a substitute for medical advice. Following your veterinarian’s suggestion is a better way to keep your cats happy and healthy.